Glasgow Historical Landmarks Which You Must See At Least Once in Your Lifetime


This city is home to many nightclubs, music venues and bars. You can even find some great historical sites here.

Whether you are planning to travel alone to this place or with your family, you can have great fun here. Look at the Victorian architecture, and you will be surprised.

Travel Tips

Whether you are planning to visit this city or any other city in Glasgow, do spend some time checking travel blogs like Only by Land.

Reading travel blogs allows you to learn about the hidden gems of that city, safety advice, food to taste, better trip planning, photography, and so much more.

All of this can help you enjoy your trip thoroughly. Keep reading to know about the Glasgow landmarks.

·        Provand’s Lordship

This oldest city in Glasgow looks truly amazing. Visiting this free museum will give you an idea about the kind of furniture used in the 17th century.

Look at the amazing brickwork of this house, and you will love it. This museum is easy to reach from Argyle Street and Buchanan Street. It just takes a few minutes from these streets to reach this free museum.

High Street local train station is the nearest local train station here. You can find a number of buses in Glasgow to reach this museum. Check whether this museum is open or not before visiting.

·        The Tall Ship

If you want to learn about the Glenlee history, this Tall Ship is something which you must visit. Patrick is the nearest railway station.

Enjoy the beautiful river view from this ship with your loved ones. During summertime, you can find many events happening here, like treasure hunt, live music, etc.

·        Glasgow Cathedral

This church gives you an idea about the Gothic architecture. Walk around the church, and you will thoroughly enjoy that experience. This cathedral does not have any entrance fee. If you want to explore this completely, visit in the morning. The place can make anyone fall in love with it.

·       Finnieston Crane

If you want to click good selfies, this is the place for you. The huge structure never disappoints you.

There are many more historical sites in Glasgow to visit like City Chambers, University of Glasgow etc. Avoid travelling late nights alone in Glasgow for your safety.

Avoid taking expensive items when travelling, to travel comfortably, without any worries.

Famous Food – Glasgow

Some of the popular food items for which Glasgow is famous are –

  • Scottish Salmon
  • Haggis
  • Fish Soup
  • Sweet bread
  • Pizzas

As there are many good restaurants in Glasgow, visit some with your loved ones for dinner or lunch to satisfy your taste buds.

The idea of travelling across the world by land looks interesting, right? Travel websites help you know about the available transportation options to various places across the world. Such sites can help you to plan your trip interestingly.

Make the arrangements for your accommodation in Glasgow in advance, as the city will be busy with tourists throughout the year.

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