Factors that determine the durability of inflatable paddleboard


The inflatable paddleboard has gained popularity over the solid paddleboard due to its durability and ample benefits. Although iSUPs last for a long time, it is better to know the factors that lead to expected punctures, tears, dropping, and scratching of paddleboards and what factors influence the durability of the boards.

Inflatable paddle boards last in the long run, such as 2-3 years on average. But this depends on several factors, such as the quality of materials used in the board and how well your board is maintained and handled. 

The durability of inflatable sups. 

There is no straight or accurate answer about how durable this equipment is as the durability depends on several factors. If you handle the water sports equipment properly, you can last it for 2-3 years or even more before replacing it with a new one. A reliable company like Honu offers top-notch paddleboards.

What determines the longevity of iSUPs? 

The factors which decide the longevity of the paddle are

Maintenance and care 

Your inflatable sup paddleboard will surely last in the long run if you take care of the board regularly. For instance, if you have exposed your board to the sun for two hours or more to enjoy the recreational activity, you should take steps to store the board in a protective bag until you need it again. The harmful UV radiation is not good for the board and affects the rigidity. So store it away from the sun. Ensure you are storing your board in a dry condition; otherwise, it will lead to mildew growth. If you clean the board and remove all sand and dirt, you reduce the chances of wear and tear and ensure longevity. 


The construction of a paddleboard affects the board’s longevity. Inflatable paddleboards that are made from multi-layers PVC are more durable as compared to single-layered boards. The multilayers are constructed with a tensile strength that can resist extreme pressure, deep cuts, punctures, tearing, etc. 

Seaming Design

Layering isn’t the only factor that decides your inflatable sup’s longevity. Inexpensive paddleboard companies design the boards using seam glue which isn’t durable. The extreme pressure of water, exposure to air, and UV radiation degrade the glue and make the seam burst open. This becomes more expensive to repair. A paddleboard designed with a mechanically welded seam is more durable as it can withstand extreme heat and ultrasonic pressure and adds good durabilityThis seam lasts longer as compared to PVC materials that are mostly used. 

Brand as well as Quality

The longevity of the inflatable paddle board depends on the brand or company which offers these products and whether the quality of materials is good or not. You’ll get a great collection of paddleboards and Paddleboard accessories from this link: https://honu.com.au/.


Your investment choice in brands is a deciding factor in the durability and longevity of your board. Honu paddleboard offers longer warranty since they believe in offering quality products to customers. If you see a company offering five-year guarantee on their product, then you can be confident that the company is offering a durable paddleboard and can offer repair or replacement within the warranty period.


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