What are the main attractions on James Bond Island, Phuket?


James Bond Island – this island is its official name, which was inspired by the James Bond movie ‘The Man with The Golden Gun’. With the appearance of lush jungle green peaks of ancient limestone karsts protruding out of jewel-blue waters that glistens under the crisp clear contrast of sunshine, the iconic allure of the island has coined it a place of attractions for movie fiends or truck-seeking nature gawkers. The following is a list of the key highlights of James Bond Island Phuket:

1. Ko Tapu (Nail Island)

James Bond Island Phuket is characterized by a 20-meter-high vertical islet, Ko Tapu, which emerges from the water. This alluring feature is a curious one too, as the shape iswella nail, or a needle, if you prefer to say it like that. Over the years, this has become one of the Island’s landmarks – a structure both locals and tourists hustle to snag a grey-skied photo of, SLR-charged, fresh off the ferry boat.

2. Khao Phing Kan

The other nearby island, Khao Phing Kan, means “hills leaning against each other” in Thai. The park is lush with greenery, rocks in unusual formations, and small caves tourists can explore. Named after its unique geography, in which two large limestone cliffs are situated adjacent to each other, appearing to be leaning against one another.

3. Phang Nga Bay

Nestled in the heart of Phang Nga Bay – an idyllic archipelago of lush islands surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, and crystalline turquoise waters – James Bond Island is one of Thailand’s most iconic islands. You can go on sea cruises to see what natural treasures Bay brings, and a range of marine organisms, or do some kayaking and snorkeling.

4. Sea Caves and Lagoons

The island and its coastline are also dotted with some very interesting sea caves and secluded lagoons. These calm waters are ideal for kayak cruising, and guided tours will take guests through narrow cave passages to hidden lagoons, offering a close-up view of the bay’s natural wonders. More specifically Tham Lot Cave is an impressive collection of stalactites and stalagmites.

5. Koh Panyee Village

You can catch a boat to the Muslim fishing village Koh Panyee, which essentially stands as a town entirely built on stilts over the water. The village is known for its peculiar culture with floating markets in which tourists enjoy the atmosphere of the sea, and tasty seafood, and delve into village life.


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