The Best Ways of Reaching Spain from Italy That You Should Know


While planning to explore Italy, you must understand everything about the place, including the best way of commuting around the cities.

Many options are available for you to travel not only within the cities, but also around the town, and the available options include roadways and airways. You can decide the best option based on your budget and goals.

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Travelling Options 

Some of the most preferred routes to reach Spain from Rome are:

  • Rome to Ibiza
  • Rome to Madrid
  • Rome to Barcelona
  • Milan to Madrid
  • Florence to Valencia

Both airways and roadways are the best choices for travelling between Italy and Spain. The required time to reach Spain from Italy via aeroplane is approximately two to three hours.

However, if there are some layovers and a bad climate, then the time might vary based on the current situation.

Visitors on a tight budget can travel by bus. These are comparatively cheaper choices than airways and can get you to your destination within a day or sometimes more than a day, depending on favourable conditions.

Trains are the other options for commuting between Italy and Spain. Compared to buses, trains are way faster and can reach your destination within a day. If you compare the overall budget for flights or buses, trains are cheaper and the best choice.

Cheaper Choices 

As mentioned above, there are three ways of travelling between Italy and Spain. If you are looking for the cheapest ways of reaching Spain, then buses are the best choice.

However, it would help if you understood that no buses can take you directly from your source to your destination, and you might have to switch between two cities.

In case of trains, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey as they can take you directly to your destination. You can read a book, sleep throughout the way, or just enjoy the view outside the window during the journey.

Travelling Duration 

The distance between Italy and Spain varies depending on your choice of transportation. The place from where you board the plane and the place where you will be landing also contribute to deciding the overall distance between the two places.

If you travel from Rome and land in Ibiza on a flight, the distance will be 2 hours. If you choose a bus or train, the same distance will be within 36 hours. The duration of the train can vary if you board one that will take you to Madrid.

Now that you know the possible ways of travelling from Italy to Spain and the required time according to the traveling option you choose, you can plan your vacation accordingly. Make the best of each day here.

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