When you think about travel and tourism, Singapore must come in the first place in your mind, why? Because Singapore has the best and most wonderful hotels and tourist resorts, because Singapore has one of the fastest internet in the world, Singapore has the best and most enjoyable airlines in the world, just as Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world and its economy is one of the strongest economies in the world, in addition to that Singapore is a number 1 in education in the world, and Singapore, despite its small population, has more than 15 million tourists, and the national income of the country is about 300 billion dollars.

Before we travel to Singapore, we must know a brief summary of the history of Singapore, where if you look at the pictures and the situation of Singapore now and Singapore 50 years ago, you will not believe the difference, how Singapore turned from a colony island of Britain to the most powerful economy in the world now, all this was thanks to Lee Kuan Yew, who became its prime minister in 1956 and became responsible for it in 1965 after Malaysia abandoned it. After that, he took an interest in education, industry and trade, and gave up politics and conflicts and transformed impoverished Singapore within 40 years to present-day Singapore through a well designed plan.

Best Time To Travel To Singapore

Weather in Singapore tends to heat and high humidity so the best time to travel within the month of August to the month of December, while in the winter weather will be mild, and the summer is hot and intense humidity.

But this does not prevent that tourism in singapore is wonderful most days of the year, and we recommend that you take your cotton clothes and appropriate moisture.

General advice before traveling to Singapore

The official language in Singapore is Malay, Chinese, and English, and most of its people know English, so there is no need to worry about the language.

Food is different in Singapore and is very varied, and there is food from the (Indian - Chinese - Italian - Spanish) cuisine and most of the food is seafood, so I invite you to try many different types of food, and do not worry there are international restaurants such as (Kentucky - Burger King - others) .

Singapore is called a country (fines) because there is a tightening and heavy fines on hygiene and transportation, and the application of laws to everyone, so you will find Singapore one of the cleanest and most organized places that you may visit, so do not be surprised that Singapore imposes fines on those who eat chewing gum (chewing gum) in Public place.

Taxi rates are a bit expensive, so you can count on public transport for savings.

It is also distinguished in Singapore that its people are peaceful, civilized, very elegant and clean, as it has a wonderful infrastructure and has many distinctive and wonderful buildings.

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