Top Destinations In Turkey

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Traveling to turkey where you can explore ancient civilization or explore one of the huge metropolis. You can also climb high mountains or swim in the warm seas. In this article you will find some travel advice for Turkey.

NOTE:Turkey attracted a record number of visitors with 51.9 million people in 2019, according to official data. Turkish Statistical Institute on 31/01/2020,announced that the country welcomed 51.9 million visitors last year, a rise of 13.7 percent from the previous year


Tourism in Turkey is well developed, which means great plane connections. Turkey has airports all over the country, the biggest one and the biggest in the world being istanbul airport in Istanbul that connects you to the whole world.

And what can you see in this diverse country? Let’s start with the famous Turkish city Istanbul. One of the biggest attractions is the sanctuary Hagia Sophia, which was first built as a church, then it became a mosque and a museum at the same time. Because of its history, it is always crowded with tourists, so we recommend buying a ticket online in a special package with a guided tour. If you want to feel the spirit of the sultans, visit a dance show Mevlevi Sema, which is a true mystical and spiritual journey. Exploring Istanbul doesn’t end here, you should also visit the Blue Mosque and Toporais Saraj and shop in the main bazaar. If you wish to relax, you can also jump in a Turkish sauna.

istanbul taksim square


The next big Turkish sights are located in Cappadocia. What can you do in this fairy-tale land that looks like it is located on another planet? It is best to explore the valleys which hide many natural sights, as well as magical chimneys and cultural museums. You also shouldn’t leave out Konya, holy Muslim city. This and much more is offered to you on many one-day trips or even a trip on an air balloon. When you want to see the sea, visit Antalya and Alanya or you can see the canyon Sepadera. Not far away from the coast you can see the ruins of Ephesus, the second biggest ancient city that was destroyed seven times, but is still magnificent.and the hotels there are a great place for relaxation.



Let’s also go to the eastern part of Turkey where you can visit the lake Van right on the border. Here you will be able to go to places where the majority of the population are Kurdish like Urfa and Gaziantep. You can also visit the Sumela monastery in Pontic Mountains and then follow Marco Polo’s steps and go over the high mountain passes to Anatolia plateau and to wonderful cities and nature.

Travelling to Turkey is a real paradise for travellers. It is diverse and mysterious so everyone will find their perfect place to drink their coffee or tea

uzungol lake/trabzon

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