Top Destinations In Switzerland

Tourism in Switzerland, here is all places that a tourist needs to see while traveling to Switzerland

If we describe Switzerland as the most beautiful country in the world, I know that we never exaggerate it, so we always advise you to make the visit to Switzerland in the last country that you visit, because you will then hate all the countries and you will not find a country that you like and dictate your eyes.

Today we are trying to shed light on some of the most famous regions in Switzerland, and then we will explain to you on this page the most important topics that the traveler needs

Switzerland does not need a tourist program, it is enough for you to wander around to see the most beautiful natural areas.

So in Switzerland, you will find:


I do not know what to describe Zermatt, except that it is the capital of the environment and clean air thanks to preventing cars from entering this city and replacing them with electric cars and horses. This is what gives Zermatt fresh air and a clean atmosphere that preserves the cleanliness of the environment. On it for those who plan to visit Italy and Switzerland in one trip, Zermatt, the quiet village is a paradise for those looking for relaxation and recreation, and three lines will not be enough to write to you about it, so it is preferable that you do more research


Lugano is one of the cities in southern Switzerland, which speaks the Italian language, and their people have acquired many of the characteristics of Italians that are very different from the Swiss, and Lugano is only 60 km from the Italian city of Milan, one of the most important shopping and fashion capitals in Europe. With widespread cafes, it is a city that does not sleep early like the rest of the countryside, and from Lucano you can visit Como, Italy, which is only 30 minutes away, and you can also visit Locarno, that forgotten city of tourists, which is only 40 minutes away from Lugano.


Davos, a small village that took its fame from the Davos World Economic Forum, which is held every year in winter and in which an elite of world leaders participate. Davos is located in the center-east of Switzerland and, as it was famous for its global forum, is also an excellent destination for patients whose chests need fresh air. Davos is a haven for many world famous people who were suffering from chest ailments


St. Moritz is a heaven for the world’s rich and famous, and they find their way to it, which provides them with many luxury hotels and resorts such as the Kempinski Grand Hotel, and you can also find in St. Moritz hotels of all categories and all classes, as St. Moritz is famous for the availability of mineral water. And hot springs, and there are many specialized medical and treatment centers in St. Moritz. You can visit Heidi's House in St. Moritz, which is different from the well-known Heidi House.


Sankt Gallen, as the Germans call it, is one of the cities forgotten by Arab tourists, and many have not discovered it yet, despite the availability of everything that Arab tourists are looking for, unlike St. Moritz and Davos, which is more suitable for the West than Arabs, St. Gallen is located near the Austrian border and unfortunately many Those who travel between Austria and Switzerland do not know St. Gallen and do not stop there, although the road is long and most choose to spend time in other places that are not nicer than St. Gallen.

Note: You can stay in Saint Gallien instead of the towns overlooking Lake Constance


Grindelwald is a small village 35 minutes from Interlaken and 10 km from Lauterbrunn, which is a high and cold mountainous area and is considered a winter sports area for ski enthusiasts to live in it in the summer very beautiful because of its coolness and you can reach it through Interlaken East station in just 35 minutes And there are many hotels of more than one level, but as a small village, some may not like to live in it, especially at night because of the extreme calm, and some search for a little bit of the hustle and bustle of the city so do not live in Greedelwald unless you are planning to enjoy nature, convalescence and tranquility And peace of mind