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Tourism in Switzerland, here is all that a tourist needs before traveling to Switzerland

Entertainment in Switzerland


It is a traveling circus throughout the year that goes around a certain schedule and passes most of the cities of Switzerland. Before you travel, review the schedule according to the date and according to your location in Switzerland

Ticket prices for Knie Circus shows start at 20 francs per person.

-Visit Heidi House and the border state of Linchstein

If you are staying in Zurich, you can go to any tourist office and they will take you on a tour to Heidi's house and the state of Linchstein for 59 euros per person

The duration of the trip is 7 and a half hours with a tour guide

Summer slides in Switzerland:

Almost every city in Switzerland has a summer slide near it, but the best ones are

The slide in Pradaschier Park, where there is the largest summer slide in Switzerland.


It is located near the city of Montreux on Lake Leman (Geneva) and was opened in 1999 and is crowded during the summer months, so it is preferable to book before going to it and the entrance to children under five years is free and children from 5 years to 16 years are 39 Swiss francs and adults Over 16 years old for 49 Swiss francs

Prices in Switzerland

Switzerland may be more expensive than the rest of Europe, but be sure that tourism in the countryside of Switzerland is much cheaper than city life and the countryside in Switzerland is much more beautiful than cities, and this is what really distinguishes Switzerland. And small rural villages in Switzerland.

In rural Switzerland, 100 francs per day and less for two people may suffice for food, drinking and transportation. As for hotels, the average night is 300 $. You get a very excellent hotel for three people, and you can get lower prices in apartments and other hotels less than four. Stars .

Rent a car in Switzerland

Usually rent a car in Switzerland is more expensive than other countries, so most people resort to renting a car from the French side of Geneva Airport, and we always prefer Europcar.

Calm down and do not worry: Geneva Airport is divided in half between Switzerland and France, and the French side can be reached on foot.

So the prices in France are lower than in Switzerland, so be sure to go to the French side to receive your car from it. Also, be careful to have a sticker for Swiss express lines on cars on the French side because most of them do not have Swiss express lines stickers, so the system in France differs from Switzerland and fees in France It happens manually in the opposite of Switzerland, but it is nice that most travelers buy the stickers from any petrol station in Switzerland and leave the sticker on the car.

Or you can take a train between cities, you can buy tickets directly from the ticket counter at the train station and just before the flight departure

You can also buy tickets through the following website:


Security in Switzerland

Switzerland is a very safe country, but the big cities in Switzerland such as Geneva and Zurich are not without some minor pickpocket accidents and thefts that are usually carried out by foreigners, and it is enough for you to take simple measures to be in safety.

It is preferred to keep the following numbers:

Ambulance 144

Police 117

Flying Aid 1414

Fire extinguisher 118

Support on road 140

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