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Introduction –

Hidden yet popular, Croatia has become one of the globe’s most popular tourist travel regions. Simply mentioning or talking about Croatia, can help people to imagine the sparkling sea water, pristine island, towns, and cafes and much more. One of the amazing things that you will know about when you take the Luxury Croatia Tours is that you can explore the architecture, food, language and art, which has been left behind by the Habsburg, Ottoman Turks, Venetians, & Romans. You can also explore Croatia & the Dalmatian Coast in 14 days. Isn’t it amazing? You can also choose the luxury cruise for the same. And, don’t forget to visit Zagreb, with its dramatic beauty, and Plitvice Lake National Park, Adriatic Island, & Dubrovnik.

Pearl of Adriatic –

Some of the most common queries about Croatia is that, what is Croatia known for and which are some of the must-see landmarks in Croatia. So, some of the answers are here, continue reading and explore the same. The walled city of Dubrovnik is very popular. It also consists of a medieval bastion that rises straight vertically from the sea & it is known as or people call it as, ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. One of the best things that you will know about Dubrovnik is that it has got a old world charm, which everyone applauded and admired & also, it is known for cobbled streets. Now, these days finding a cobbled street is difficult. Though, there are many fad architectures, who make cobbled streets in their house designing for many homes and places.

Croatia’s Crown –

The coast of Korcula is also another addition to the Croatia’s Crown. Dubrovnik is already a jewel in Croatia’s crown, but the honey-coloured walls of the coast of Korcula is another added jewel. City of split is also known for its UNESCO protection for cobbled alleys and courtyards that are marble flagged. There you can also explore some of the remnants of the Roman Emperor’s Palace. Another amazing thing, that you will find about the place is that, café’s, bars, and shop-keepers are following the trends that was there back in the 1700. If you go a bit far from the coast, you will be able to find the national parks like Plitvice Lakes, which has beautiful waterways, falls, and forests with wildlife.

Fascinating City & Places in Croatia –

During the luxury tours to Croatia, don’t forget to visit the city of Zagreb. It is a capital city. Check out some of the mazes of lower & upper town, Archbishop’s Palace, Opera House, St. Marks Church, & Majestic Cathedral. Another thing, for which Croatia is popular is for its sunset. So, don’t forget to check out the sunsets in Croatia during your luxury tours. For your special luxury tour to Croatia, here are few more bras’ tacks, from March to May there is Spring season in Croatia, June to August its Summer season, September to November its Autumn Season and December to February its Winter season. The best time to visit Croatia is May to October, where you can see the different scenes of the Dalmatian River. The currency required for visiting Croatia is Euros. And, the time difference is London GMT+1hr.

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