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To provide real-time status updates for any train or to Order Food in Train, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.) has launched a WhatsApp number. By posting a WhatsApp message to the same contact along with the train number, the Indian Railways WhatsApp number would enable all travelers to order their food in the train. The newly announced Indian Railways WhatsApp Number is provided here: WhatsApp number for Indian Railways is 7042062070.

After sending a WhatsApp message to 7042062070, customers will receive an instant live train status update, order food, track your order and also raise complaints. However, occasionally it could take a while to get the response because the server might be busy. Users can also call the 139-number for the Indian Railways Helpline to find out the status of any train or for any kind of help. You can contact me on this number.

Steps You Need To Follow To Order Food With WhatsApp:

WhatsApp, the new feature to order food online in train, is a much faster way to order food. Now passengers can enjoy their delicious and favorite food with WhatsApp.

The passenger has to send a message on the given number.

Then you will receive a reply instead.

After that you will see some options like check PNR status, track order, order food, and raise complaints.

Select the order food option.

Now you will be asked to select the railway station where you want your food to be delivered.

After that you have to select the restaurant from the given list.

Then you have to select your favorite dish.

After that they will show you a payment option you can pay online or COD is also available.

Now you can wait for your delivery station for delicious and tasty food.

You can also track your order after that from whatsapp only.

How to Know the Live Status of Train Using WhatsApp Number:

With whatsapp you can not only order food in train but can also

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Indian Railways WhatsApp number to check the live status of a train. The process of Order Food In Train is very easy and quick to make your order.

1: Add IRCTC WhatsApp Number 7042062070 to your phone’s contact list

2: Open the “WhatsApp” application on your phone. Look for the name under which the Indian Railways WhatsApp Number is saved, and then press it to open a chat window.

3 is as simple as entering the train number into the WhatsApp conversation box and pressing the Send button.

4: As seen in the image below, a WhatsApp message with updates on the train’s status will be sent to you shortly.

This is how you can check your train status and plan your things accordingly. This also helps passengers to board the train on time.

Other Facility That You Can Gather From IRCTC:

Aside from the below-listed WhatsApp number, Indian Railways recently launched 4 additional services.

  1. Human excrement can now be put on rails in bio-toilets. By the year 2019, every train will be equipped with bio-toilets.
  2. IRCTC-iPay: This is the Indian Railways very own payment gateway service, and it will soon be available. When a railway ticket is canceled, IRCTC-iPay is anticipated to speed up the refund process.
  3. Painting: The government is repainting the coaches in a beige and brown color scheme rather than their previous blue color design.
  4. Online ordering for meals is available to passengers at a set cost set by the railways.

Online ordering makes your journey and food related problems easier and tastier. You can now add food of your choice. The online food order in train is very fast and has multiple options. This WhatsApp has solved a lot of problems. As everyone knows how to use WhatsApp.

Is Ordering Food Online From WhatsApp Safe:

Ordering from WhatsApp is the same as ordering from an app or website. The restaurant under it is also the same. The IRCTC and Zoop have introduced the new WhatsApp ordering system for the convenience of the passenger. As every individual know how to use WhatsApp. Whether it’s an adult or a child, one can easily use WhatsApp to order food on the train.

With the existing system of Order Food in Train from top-rated restaurants, with WhatsApp you may still enjoy healthy food. These businesses have received FSSAI clearance from the food safety organization. This implies that they follow all guidelines for preparing wholesome, fresh food. These eateries keep the space where the food is made spotless. They clean the food packaging containers with sanitizer. Additionally, the space where spices and other cooking supplies are stored is cleaned and sanitized by restaurant workers. Additionally, they deliver messages using sticks. They provide both personalized food and contactless delivery.

Food provided by pantry vans and other vendors is dangerous and has a small selection. You might have to forgo your own preferences in order to consume their dinner. Additionally, there are several flies and other small insects present throughout the meal’s preparation, which is unhygienic. Additionally, it puts you at risk for dangerous infections including foodborne illnesses.

However, with the present system of online ordering, you can enjoy healthy cuisine. You can order food like north Indian food, south Indian food, veg and nonveg food and many more items.

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