Is It Worth It To Pay For Travel Insurance In Singapore?


Even though the cost of travel insurance can range from 5 to 10 per cent of the total cost of your trip, it is almost always a good idea to purchase it. It is because it can reimburse you for a lot of money in travel-related expenses that are covered by the policy. They include costs associated with emergency evacuation, hospital expenses, and costs related to trip withdrawal and interruption.

You need to remember these things while booking a trip to Singapore. Don’t let unwanted expenses ruin or disrupt your trip. Be sure to buy travel insurance in Singapore before you begin your trip.

Here are some reasons which justify getting travel insurance for Singapore:

You can get seriously ill and might need to get evacuated

A straightforward medical evacuation from any given place will cost you a lot. It might cost you your entire savings even. A complicated evacuation from a more remote location or off a cruise ship may wipe out your private pension or exhaust your home-equity line of credit. Medical evacuation companies won’t normally organise transport without payment in advance. At this point, the coverage provided by your travel insurance kicks in.

But if you have travel insurance, the scenario is very different.

Travel insurance can pay for a significant portion of the costs associated with an urgent care evacuation, including the initial payments often demanded by the firms that provide the evacuation service. In addition to this, it is also possible for the organisation to assist in the arrangement of transportation, not only for the client but also for a travel partner. Travel insurance firms are exceptionally skilled at handling situations like this since they deal with them on a daily basis.

Suppose you decide to cancel your trip or are forced to cancel your tour for a cause covered by your travel insurance policy. In that case, the policy will compensate you for any non-refundable vacation fees you have already spent. Because of this, you won’t have to watch your ideal vacation—along with the money you’d already spent in advance for it—go up in smoke because you can just postpone it.

Why should I buy travel insurance instead of using my credit card?

This is a common question many people have. When anything goes wrong on a trip, passengers who paid for their expenses using a credit card can question the charges or seek compensation for some of the products they purchased with that card.

Credit cards were not intended to be used as a means of travel insurance. On average, you may include the insurance with cards that is not as comprehensive as the coverage provided by a separate travel insurance plan. You should look over the specifics of the policy so that you are aware of everything that is supplied to you as well as everything that is not provided to you.

Should I get travel insurance for my Singapore trip?

You might thinkwhy get travel insurance in Singapore. Here’s why you should. You are in a foreign country. Keep in mind any unpredicted event can occur. To protect yourself from this, you must buy travel insurance. It can give you security for multiple reasons. It will also save you a lot of money you otherwise have to spend in case you decide to skimp on travel insurance.

Suppose you cannot go on your trip for an enclosed reason, such as a family member being admitted to hospital, being laid off from your job, or a travel company, airline, or travel company going bankrupt. In that case, insurance coverage can reimburse you for any prepaid, non-refundable expenses. Additionally, the travel assistance typically included with travel insurance can assist you in the event you lose your travel documents or experience any other problems.

What should I keep in mind before buying a travel insurance package?

You can examine the many travel insurance plans offered by various websites online and then choose the one that best meets your needs in terms of travel insurance. Also, don’t forget about the travel insurance with COVID cover. Look into it to get maximum benefits.

Things to keep in mind

It is also important to keep in mind that Singapore has very strict rules.

  • It is against the law to be in possession of lighters, bubble gum, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or fireworks.
  • Travellers who find themselves in need of any type of diplomatic assistance can contact the Indian embassy that is located in Singapore.
  • If you have misplaced your visa, lost or damaged your passport, or are experiencing any other type of emergency, you can get in touch with the embassy.


When traveling outside of the country, purchasing travel insurance is a need; however, purchasing travel insurance for Singapore is particularly necessary since things may become rather pricey if you are not adequately prepared.

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