Everything You Need To Start Running


Running is as popular as ever for a number of reasons. Aside from being a fantastic way to exercise, an activity that improves cardiovascular fitness while helping to improve weight management and sleep quality, it is also remarkably accessible. 

Unlike many other fitness endeavors, running is low-cost. Think, for example, about the cost of a running machine or gym membership. These costs, especially the ongoing cost of a gym subscription, can be quite high, deterring many from starting an exercise regime. There is also the consideration of space for home equipment and the freedom of schedule that allows individuals to access a gym. Running, however, requires only a few simple steps to begin.


Considered by many to be the most important asset to a runner, a pair of suitable running trainers are also likely to be the most expensive part of a runner’s adventure. Ensuring that you invest is, however, unlikely to break the bank. Those who do allow themselves to purchase a high-quality and comfortable pair of running shoes will also find themselves taking to the activity more easily and with fewer discomforts.

Choosing the right running shoes is a little trickier. There are a great many options available and individual runners should consider the type of terrain they will be traversing, as well as their own physical build. If you aren’t quite sure what to look for, be sure to speak to a specialist or else you may find yourself with unsuitable trainers.

Performance Clothing

Running in your casual wardrobe can create several issues. This is because regular clothing is seldom designed for activity, meaning that the material is unlikely to regulate body temperature, which, as experienced runners will know, leads to discomfort and even health problems.

Performance clothing, specifically that which is designed for running, keeps bodies ventilated and helps to draw sweat away from the body, a process known as wicking. This is important because runners generate a lot of sweat and, if it is not drawn from the skin, will cause irritation and even rashes over time. 

Proper clothing will also stretch with the extreme movements of running, which casualwear tends not to do. Without this feature, runners will see their skin become irritated, grazed, and even broken.

Access To A Route

Aside from the appropriate clothing, runners only need access to a suitable route. And, while this may sound relatively easy, once you begin to scrutinize what makes for an appropriate running trail, you may start to realize that there are fewer options available.

The fundamental qualities of a good running route are safety, comfort, flexibility, and enjoyability, with safety being the most important. 

Safety means running along a route that minimizes risks, such as those involved with traffic and uneven terrain. It takes only a single misstep for an ankle to roll or balance to be shaken, which, around fast-moving traffic, is dangerous. Comfort is to ensure that the route does not overstrain a runner while flexibility allows it to be adapted, such as during a sudden change of weather or energy levels. Finally, enjoyability means choosing a route that brings you happiness. Simply running around your local area might not inspire much joy, detracting from motivation. If this is the case, look at ways to get further afield.

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