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Uncover Africa’s best-kept secret – the green season! In this blog, we’ll discuss why an escape to the African continent during this period is so meaningful and what you can experience. We’ll also provide some insight into where you should travel and activities that must be on your itinerary.

The Benefits of Visiting Africa During the Green Season

  1. If you’re hoping to save a bit of money on your vacation, then booking during the green season is ideal! Lodges and camps are known to reduce their rates significantly compared to peak season.
  1. Get away from the hustle and bustle: During the green season, tourism is much slower which means you can explore parks and reserves without as many people around.
  1. Splendid Landscapes: During the green season, life abounds everywhere as nature bursts into bloom. Discover unparalleled beauty and capture it all in everlasting photos with stunning backdrops.
  1. Step into a world of wonder with incredible wildlife viewing during the green season. As many animals give birth and various birds flock in, not only will you get to witness breathtaking scenes, but also take part in magical moments that nature has to offer.
  1. The green season provides a variety of journeys that can’t be experienced during the peak season. If you’re searching for an adventure off-the-beaten path, why not explore East Africa and watch the wildebeest migration without masses of people around?

Some of the Wildlife You’ll See During the Green Season

  • Elephants: African parks and reserves provide a picturesque vista of elephants during the lush green season, making it an ideal time to observe these majestic creatures.
  • Lions: Spotting lions during Africa’s green season is a cinch – their presence is quite prevalent due to the shorter and more manageable vegetation.
  • Leopards: Searching for leopards may be more difficult than tracking down lions, but during the green season you can still spot these captivating cats if you’re lucky.
  • Cheetahs: Keep an eye out for cheetahs during the green season. Since the grass is shorter, you may have a better chance of spotting them.
  • Wild Dogs: During the flourishing season of greenery, wild dogs are a frequent sight in Africa due to an abundance of prey.
  • Hippos: Hippos often inhabit rivers and lakes during the springtime, showing their most active behavior as daylight approaches.
  • Crocodiles: During the wet season, crocodiles become particularly active under the sunshine; they can be seen in waterways and other water bodies around this time.

Activities You Can Enjoy During Africa’s Green Season

  1. Game Drives: Exploring the wilds of Africa during its lush green season? Game drives are a spectacular way to take in all that nature has to offer. Many safari lodges and camps provide guided game drive tours, allowing you to spot an array of amazing wildlife.
  1. Birdwatching: Birdwatching becomes even more exciting when the green season starts, because many migratory birds flock back to Africa.
  1. Gorilla Trekking: Gorilla trekking is a thrilling experience, and the green season provides an optimal chance to go. Not only are the gorillas much easier to spot during this time since they stay closer to the ground, but you’ll also get a more intimate encounter with these majestic creatures.
  1. Hiking: Exploring the outdoors is an optimal experience during the green season, as you can take advantage of picturesque views and more comfortable temperatures for hiking.
  1. Cultural Experiences: During the green season, you can immerse yourself in African culture with a wide range of exceptional cultural experiences. Sign up for visits to traditional villages and markets around your lodge or camp – it’s an enriching journey like no other.

What are the Best Places to Visit During the Green Season?

  1. Botswana: Botswana is an amazing destination during the green season. The rains bring a new vibrancy to this stunning landscape and make it come alive with color. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Botswana’s lush environment makes for one of the best safaris in Africa
  1. South Africa: South Africa is an ideal destination to explore in the green season, especially for those visiting Kruger National Park. With its unique biodiversity, you can easily witness a selection of wild animals from majestic elephants and lions to graceful antelopes and zebras.
  1. Zimbabwe: Exploring Zimbabwe is an unforgettable experience during the green season. Soak in awe-inspiring views of Hwange National Park, speckled with wildlife and free from heavy crowds. Plus, admire magnificent Victoria Falls – which reaches its peak power between March to July – up close. This combination creates a truly unique excursion that cannot be missed.
  1. Tanzania: Tanzania is an ideal destination for anyone looking to escape the crowds and witness one of nature’s true marvels: the wildebeest migration. The Serengeti during the green season offers unparalleled sights, making it a must-see adventure.
  1. Kenya: For a trip that will truly excite and enthrall, Kenya is the perfect destination. The renowned Masai Mara provides an extraordinary opportunity to observe wildlife in all of its glory. Lions, elephants, giraffes – you name it! There’s no better way to make incredible memories than with a visit during the green season.
  1. Zambia: Zambia beckons visitors during the green season when Victoria Falls is at its most awe-inspiring, and an array of wildlife can be viewed.
  1. Malawi: If you’re looking for something different and breathtaking, Malawi is an ideal destination to explore during the green season. You’ll be rewarded with stunning landscapes, as well as a diversity of wildlife.
  1. Mozambique: Mozambique is a magical destination to explore during the vibrant green season. With its stunning beach views, you’ll have an opportunity to admire the myriad marine life.


Africa’s verdant season is an oft-overlooked period of time that can provide travelers with a truly remarkable experience. When the rains come, they bring forth new life and vitality to this beautiful continent – from Botswana to South Africa, Zimbabwe to Tanzania! From gorgeous wildlife sightings, ancient customs and unique cultures – there are countless opportunities for you as soon as you take a green season safari.

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