3 Best places to visit in Europe


Europe is indeed the most visited tourist destination continent in the world since most European countries consist of a variety of landscapes and diversity in weather (mostly cold and humid climate) which is attractive for a majority of tourists out there.

Although Europe is a continent covered with snow most time of the year, yet still a huge influx of tourists from different parts of the world love to visit European countries.

However, with so many countries to choose from, it can be hard for tourists to decide which one is a worthwhile option. So, are you not sure where to start your tour to Europe? Here are the three best countries in Europe to visit to taste and experience the culture, food, and tradition of Europe collectively.

  • Scotland 

First things first, Scotland is considered to be one of the best places in Europe. And it is fair to say that this country has something new and different to offer its visitors compared to most European countries.

Scotland Vacations is what most tourist guides will suggest to you in the first place. After all, Scotland is a relatively small country with a lot of things to explore. Tourists can say a lot of time and money traveling to various locations in Scotland with the first means of transportation such as railways.

This small piece of land has played a crucial role in forming the history and culture of Europe. The capital city of Scotland is known for its cultural importance. In fact, some also refer to Edinburgh as the epicenter of culture and tradition in Europe.

Churches, palaces, castles, highlands, wildlife, museums, the Scotland Vacations has it all; you name it!

  • Italy

If you are a food fan, Italy should and must be on your travel list. Of course, it is hard to picture Italy without thinking of the foods that originated here. Pizza (one of the world’s most famous fast food), Pasta, seafood, Coffee, and Risotto are just a few of the examples of food items that Italy gave to the rest of the world.

Not just food, Italy also holds historical importance. Most tourists visit the country’s famous places such as Rome, Venice, and Colosseum, which represent the ancient Roman and trojan empires.

The countryside is where you get to see the real architecture and cultural sites, including the ancient infrastructures, museums, squares, and whatnot. They say the real Italy is beyond the human settlement and cities.

  • France

France – the world’s most visited country in recent times, is not just about the iconic Eifel Tower. Nor is it about museums, French fries, or wine.

France is popular for a variety of tourist attraction sites, including the magnificent castles and churches across the country. And at some point, one can compare France to Scotland Vacations due to the presence of palaces and historical sites.

The nation is recognized worldwide for its vibrant cities like Paris, Lyon, Annecy, and Nice. The French high-speed railway is worth traveling from when you want to transit from one French city to another.

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